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DiSwift Smart PACS

DiSwift is a fast & efficient PACS for medical labs and hospitals with built in cloud support.

  • Patient List - Accessible from anywhere
  • Reporting View - Fully Responsive

DiSwift is an all-in-one full featured PACS for medical labs, clinics and archival organizations which require high volume DICOM archiving at low cost and high operational efficiency. DiSwift is fast, portable and easy to use. DiSwift web viewer works on all modern web browsers, including mobile versions of Chrome & Safari

DiSwift is extremely efficient in managing & utilizing system resources. It can scale automatically depending on the system load. Making it possible to run DiSwift along with other programs/software suites your clinic needs to run. You may not even need dedicated hardware for DiSwift!

DiSwift can be deployed on cloud easily! Deploying DiSwift on cloud gives you high availability, reliablity and ofcourse unlimited scalability!

You can integrate DiSwift with DiWorks DICOM Workstation to create a full fledged Radiology Workstation on the go, any time, any where!