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Web Application Development

Web apps are the future, mark your place before its too late

Content is critical to your business. The possibilities and promise of digital communications seem infinite. Each new development brings something of value and convenience to the consumer and fresh opportunities for businesses to build revenue and brand loyalty. The integration of information technologies can lead to huge creative breakthroughs when companies pay attention to what customers crave and find useful rather than to what the technologies can do.

Entity has developed in-depth technical understanding and insights into what customers want and expect from browsing a website or surfing the internet overall. Your website or portal can add greater business value when part of a wider communications, marketing and brand strategy. Entity specializes in implementing content management and collaboration applications for large websites, intranets, and portals. Content is critical to your business, and success depends on leveraging it effectively. Experience truly counts, and we’ve successfully implemented 3 content management solutions for many of leading companies.

Content Management Systems
Enterprise Content Management solutions help bring order to content and maintain chaos. Our solutions account for both structured and unstructured content. Everything ranging from structured marketing, enterprise and corporate content to unstructured wikis, blogs, and RSS are accounted for in your ECM solution. They enable contributors to manage and repurpose content across multiple sites and delivery channels. Demand for Web Content Management is on the rise as organizations have a renewed interest in growth initiatives, funding IT projects across lines of business. As organizations expand, demand grows for technology that can not only streamline content production and publishing processes, but also provide personalized delivery to users.